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Madden NFL 19 currently is the best simulation video game of American football on PS4 and Xbox One platforms. Different with FIFA or NBA Live series there are no paralleled competitors for the game. It’s the best-selling football video game on consoles in America district. If you want to invite your foreign friends to play the game with you you should have a football match with them on pitch. It’s depends on your physical build for you to win a football IRL when you play it on your PS4 or Xbox One you need to rely on your player card to perform for you. Once you can master all tricks introduced in our Madden 18 Guide and News you can make a hit on monthly leaderboard.

The big news from EA Sports’ Madden 19 announcement is that the release date will be moved up to August 10th from the usual release at the end of August.Madden 19 Coins This is a smart strategy considering there are very few games to compete with in July/August while the closer they get to September/October means more competing with other sports games like NBA 2K and EA Sports’ own FIFA franchise.

Madden 19 will officially be released on Friday August 10th 2018 and it will retail for $59.99. More serious gamers can play the game earlier on Tuesday August 7th 2018 as well as get a few Ultimate Team perks by purchasing the Madden 19 Hall of Fame edition for $79.99.

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