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If the best thing players have to appear

By: Rshop2018
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If the best thing players have to appear forward to is fresh eqs or more harm on their eqs to resist what they struggled a few times while trying to receive those eqs or stats then it is no wonder why they bore so fast. There's also hardly any social elements or need to work together in this game. Social elements frequently draw in a little variety while enjoying. I find myself doing daily boss runs together with individuals no matter if I could solo the boss due to it feeling somewhat less tedious with others. Most people I see train alone, boss alone, do events alone, do narrative related matters independently buy Maplestory 2 Mesos. PQs were a good supply of interaction but they are a remnant of what they used to be. There is also the issue of things that force people together such as root abyss. Sure, it's often great to finish things quickly, but many times people will get that once person who only rushes in, kills the boss in 3 minutes, then leaves. There are times where one comes in who is quite weak and it brings the celebration that can push the soloist personality even more. It is an irritant for a few other people and often comes across as rude or impersonal. This type of interaction is harmful rather than productive.

Lastly, It also seems like a lot of people are afraid of prices dropping in the marketplace. This type of mentality halts any kind of advancement the game can create. It's just like horse salesman hoping to halt the creation of automobiles since they would lose their small business. Sure, it makes sense as to why cheapest Maplestory 2 Mesos they are against it and it is a reasonable concern, but previous efforts are just that. They've done it for the time in which it was viable and now we really should move on.Give me an honest answer about the Crazy Number of hackers at MS

I've only been attempting to train from Mysterious Course 3 and there have been literally numerous hackers on each and every channel.

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